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2018 Synchrotron Radiation and Neutron in Art and Archaeology conference

Diamond Light Source, the Mary Rose Trust and ISIS Neutron and Muon Source, will organise SR2A-2018, The 8th International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation in Art and Archaeology in Portsmouth, UK.

The conference will consist of a 4 day programme of oral presentations and poster sessions, opening with a welcome reception on the 3rd September.  During the week delegates will also have the opportunity to take a tour of the UK’s National Synchrotron Facility, Diamond Light Source and explore Portsmouths Historic Dockyard, home to the Mary Rose Trust.

The SR2A conference focuses on the innovative use of synchrotron and neutron radiation to investigate artistic and archaeological materials and artefacts. The 2018 conference will specifically focus on New & Complimentary Analytical Techniques, New Conservation Treatments and Monitoring, Non-Destructive Versus Destructive analysis, and Archaeological and Paleontological Advances.

The conference is open to all interested professionals, including archaeologists, conservation scientists, conservators, geochemists and material scientists, researchers with experience utilising large-scale research facilities and other analytical techniques, curators, cultural heritage managers, art historians, students and potential users of synchrotrons.

More information at the conference website