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How to access

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Until June 30th 2023 (11:59 pm Rome time), it is possible to apply for the TNA access to ARCHLAB and FIXLAB services. No slots are available at the MOLAB platform.


Call for proposals

IPERION HS offers free-of-charge access to more than 100 state-of-art scientific techniques and 14 archives, distributed in 16 countries. Single or multi-technique proposals are to be addressed to one of the three advanced transnational platforms ARCHLAB, FIXLAB and MOLAB. IPERION HS selects the best proposals and covers the costs of this activity.

Proposals must be submitted online through the application form, at any time.


How to submit a proposal

Before submitting a proposal, the users are strongly encouraged to contact the User Helpdesk (userhelpdesk@iperionhs.eu) and/ or the contact person of the facilities to discuss both the administrative and scientific issues on how to prepare it. This process strongly improves user projects and gives more chances for a feasible application.

To submit a new proposal, the User Group Leader needs to create an IPERION HS account. Once registered, the User Group Leader must log in with username and password, browse the IPERION HS catalogue of services to find the suitable analysis or archive to be accessed and insert the choice/s in the cart. Then the User Group Leader will fill the application form in with the following information:

Important warning 1. After the submission, the User Group Leader will receive an automatic email. Only by clicking on the link, the access procedure will be activated. If you don’t receive the email, please check your SPAM folder.

Important warning 2. It is mandatory to use the project description template. In case the template is not compliant, the proposal will be automatically rejected.

Once logged, the User Group Leader will have access to a personal dashboard where to verify the past and present applications, edit the proposal before the final submission, obtain information about the status of the proposal.

If you want to take inspiration, read the reports of previous accesses.

Financial information

IPERION HS access is free of charge for eligible users.

For the MOLAB platform, the following costs are included:

  • All instruments transportation and insurances;
  • Travel, accommodation, technologic and scientific support. of the MOLAB personnel

Users are liable to:

  • provide insurance for the artwork / object under examination and their personnel for the duration of the MOLAB campaign 
  • supply any specific logistics (scaffolding, health and safety requirements) to exploit the MOLAB equipment in the best conditions and security.


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, IPERION HS cannot guarantee that all its services will be performed. In exceptional situations, consortium partners are entitled to regulate, suspend or terminate an access or activity without prior notice and without any refunds or compensation for the damage suffered by the Users. Users are therefore recommended to take out appropriate insurance. You can follow the latest information on the EU Member States restriction of free movement at https://reopen.europa.eu/en


Read the FAQ

Watch the tutorial "How to successfully submit a proposal"

Who can apply?

User Groups can apply for Transnational Access in case they meet the following conditions:

(a) the User Group Leader and the majority of the User Group members work in an institution/SME established in a Member State of the European Union, an EU Associated State or a third country.
(b) the User Group Leader and the majority of the User Group members work in an institution/SME located in a country other than the country where the legal entity operating the infrastructure is established.
(c) only User Groups that are entitled to disseminate the foreground they have generated under the project are eligible to benefit from access free of charge to the infrastructure.
(d) Access for user groups with a majority of users not working in an EU or associated country is limited to 20% of the total amount of units of access provided by IPERION HS. Due to budget restrictions, please note that travel and accommodation reimbursement is not guaranteed to extra-EU users.

Evaluation and criteria

After the proposals are submitted, the IPERION HS User Helpdesk and the platforms’ coordinators will verify the formal compliance with the EU regulations. After this first check, the proposals are evaluated:

  1. From a technical point of view. This evaluation is performed by the scientist(s) in charge of the requested tools and aims to determine the technical feasibility of the analysis and the coherence of the day/hour requested. In case the User Group Leader has submitted a multi-analysis proposal, its feasibility will be checked by all the scientists in charge of the tools. In case the proposal will be considered feasible for all the tools, the proposal will be sent to the Peer Review Panel (PRP) for scientific evaluation. In case, one of the tools or more will be considered not feasible, the User Group Leader will receive an email to contact the User Helpdesk again.
  2. From a scientific point of view. This evaluation is performed by an independent, international panel of experts (PRP), recognised for their expertise in the field of conservation and scientific studies of Cultural Heritage. Project proposals will be selected on a competitive basis. The criteria include:

35% Scientific excellence

25%  Assessment of the state of the art of the topic and advancements in the field

20% Valorisation and dissemination plan

15% Expertise of User Group

5% Potential impact

The Peer Review Panel evaluates the scientific content of the project and ranks the proposals. Each access facility will make a final decision concerning the extent of access provided to the User Group (number of days, a period of the visit, facility’s internal rules, IPR issues, etc.). The applications should aim to increase the scientific output (qualitatively and quantitatively), optimize the use of local expertise of ongoing research activities and facilities, and foster lasting international science cooperation. 

At the end of the evaluation (2/3 months from the call deadline), the User Helpdesk will send an email to the User Group Leader with the result of the final decision.

In case of a positive evaluation, the User Group Leader will be contacted the facility/ies to organize the access. The scheduled access should, in general, occur no later than 12 months after the final evaluation.

In the highly unfortunate event that a User cannot avail of granted access, a written and signed declaration is necessary from the User Group Leader and it must be sent to the User Helpdesk.


Do you need any support?

Contact the facility contact person directly: You will find the email in the catalogue on each webpage of the tools

or contact the User Helpdesk:
Mail to: userhelpdesk@iperionhs.eu