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Past forward, from paint to finishes

E-RIHS NL, the Dutch Node of the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science,  is proud to sponsor the 8th Architectural Finishes ResearcConference, which will take place in Amsterdam from May 29 to June 1, 2024.

The conference will bring together specialists worldwide to share ideas and discuss new developments in interpreting, preserving, documenting, and managing historical finishes. The goal is to improve communication and understanding among the different people involved in preserving historic sites with these finishes. This event is a great chance to strengthen the global Architectural Paint and Finishes Research community.

The Low Countries organizing partners aim to offer their perspective on research into historic finishes in built heritage. They will explore the similarities and differences between Low Country AFR practice and the rest of the world through various themes. These themes will include topics such as whether we all speak the same AFR language regarding the conference topics, what we can learn from our differences, and whether we can find common ground to standardize the practice of AFR into a more organized profession.

The organizing partners invite everyone invested in preserving and studying historic architectural finishes to participate in this international event, share the latest research, learn from each other, and help build a strong, global AFR community.

Registration for both ONLINE and LIVE participation is now open.