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A new digital dimension to cultural heritage preservation

Following the R&I Days session dedicated to the European Collaborative Cloud for Cultural Heritage, a detailed online survey has been launched to really grasp the sector’s specific needs.

Professionals in the field of Cultural Heritage who wish to join the efforts to preserve European cultural collections are invited to share their thought.

The online survey will be open until  November 2, 2022.

This initiative follows the publication of the ex-ante impact assessment on the Collaborative Cloud conducted by eight independent experts.

The European Collaborative Cloud for Cultural Heritage will help safeguard European cultural treasures through a digital infrastructure with an envisaged budget of €110 million until 2025 from Horizon Europe. While mutually joining and reinforcing other European initiatives, the Cloud will be a unique infrastructure that will enable unprecedented transdisciplinary and large-scale collaboration between specialists, such as cultural heritage scholars, curators, archivists and conservators. It will provide cutting-edge technologies for digitalizing artefacts, researching artworks, and documenting data, all of which will significantly advance and add a new digital dimension to cultural heritage preservation, conservation, and restoration. It aims to facilitate access to advanced technologies and remove barriers for smaller and remote institutions.

Information source: European Commission