IPERION HSIntegrating Platforms for the European Research Infrastructure ON Heritage Science

Innovation for Heritage Science

Impact: competitiveness, social and cultural innovation. IPERION CH access and research will be accompanied by high-level actions for training, dissemination, communication and knowledge/technology transfer aimed at the global Heritage community, with special attention paid to SMEs competitiveness and growth, and to social and cultural innovation.

Effective dissemination of the outcomes of the advanced research activities and the capabilities of TNA services provided by IPERION CH will, first and foremost, be realized through the organization of periodic on-site training camps in selected locations, such as historical centres and sites, premises of large museums or graduate schools for conservation.

Best practices and methodological approaches in heritage science using innovative mobile instruments will be demonstrated to new potential users, students and enterprises. Moreover, IPERION CH will implement widespread ambitious communication and promotion actions involving global stakeholders and local communities.