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The 14th edition of the ArcheoFOSS: an Archaeological Research international conference online

ArcheoFOSS (Free and Open Source Software for archaeology) is the name given to a series of workshops organized since 2006 in different areas of Italy, by a community that gathers scholars, researchers, professionals, students and enthusiasts of the use software in the field of archaeology. This year, due to the ongoing health emergency, the conference will be held online on the StreamYard platform and live on YouTube.

Now in its fourteenth edition, the conference aims at promoting the culture of Open Data, the sharing and reuse of data and free software for studies on the past. ArcheoFOSS represent a moment of comparison on the technological development of the sector.

For several years the CNR policy has been strongly oriented towards open data and open access, and this one of the reasons of its strong involvement in E-RIHS and IPERION HS for innovation in the Heritage Science sector.

Supporting innovation in the knowledge, conservation, and enhancement of cultural heritage, adopting the Open Science criteria for the sharing of scientific data is one of the missions of the CNR ISPC.

The Institute has collected the long-term heritage of research dedicated to archaeological informatics, born in the early 1980s and then developed around the open-access magazine Archeologia e Calcolatori (A&C).

CNR ISPC will thus be present at the event, both as a member of the scientific-organizing committee, and with the contribution entitled Open Data, Open Knowledge, Open Science: The New Openlab of the Institute for Heritage Science, edited by its interdisciplinary Open Data group made up of archaeologists, philologists, mathematicians and computer scientists, dedicated to recent experiences in the field of open data with the journal Archeologia e Calcolatori.


ArcheoFOSS 2020