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Royal Museums of Art and History

The archives of the institute consists of a library, a photographic library and an archive. The libraries specialize in archaeology and the arts of the five continents, ranging from Prehistory to the present day, and are open not only to museum staff, but also to researchers, students and anyone wishing to resource them. However, their function in underpinning the museum’s work is the most important. The Photographic Library of the RMAH manages the pictorial material relating to the items in the institution’s collections. Available are photographs, slides, ectachrome prints and digital images. The Archives of the RMAH are a rich source for the study of the institution’s history and of the history of cultural life in Belgium. They contain information about the acquisition and origin of thousands of the items in the museum, of relations with the government, patrons, collectors and dealers, about museum policy and about the architectural history of the Cinquantenaire. They also hold the archives of various persons (curators) and bodies (with e.g. archaeological expeditions) that have a historical link with the museums. Carmentis is the publicly accessible part of the Museum's Collection Management System.


  • Cultural & natural heritage

  • Cultural heritage

    archaeological object, architecture, art, decorative arts, painting, photo, sculpture, tapestry, textile

  • Natural heritage

    mineral, other, Skeleton


  • inorganic

    glass, metal and metallurgical By-Products, stone

  • organic

    paper, textiles, wood