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Imaging Methods and Scanning Applications for Non-Invasive Dendrochronology

Imaging Methods and Scanning Applications for Non-Invasive Dendrochronology provide excellent results on suitable wooden heritage assets, thus permitting the accurate recording of their tree rings and thus obtain a datable result. A range of portable digital cameras, scanners and microscopes provide 2D, 3D and spectral images that can offer non-destructive speedy and robust dendrochronology measurements and results. Depending on the type of wood and particular conditions pertaining access to the object, preservation and cleanliness of scanned surfaces, the non-invasive documentation of tree-ring sequences on a wide array of wooden remains, i.e. works of art, archaeological artefacts, architectural elements and structures, can significantly enhance the study of these heritage assets.

Fields of application

  • Cultural heritage

    archaeological object and site, architecture, art

  • Natural heritage



  • organic



Portable scanner and microscope for non invasive dendrochronology

Portable scanner: high accuracy of wood samples characterization Portable microscope: microscopic inspection. High quality imaging and optics.