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Macro XRF scanning

The macro X-ray fluorescence (XRF) system allows for the macro multi-element mapping of surfaces in a non-invasive manner. Elemental distribution maps at different spatial scales are of great interest for heritage science applications and particularly in the examination of paints and inks in ancient paintings and historical documents.

Fields of application

  • Cultural heritage

    archaeological object and site, architecture, art, decorative arts, demo anthropologic object, film, manuscript, mosaics, musical instrument, painting, papyrus, photo, sculpture, textile

  • Natural heritage

    fossil, mineral, shell, skeleton


  • inorganic

    ceramic (clay/mud brick/terracotta/earthenware/stoneware/porcelain), glass, stone, metal and metallurgical By-Products, pigment


Macro-XRF scanning system (XGLab)

The macro-XRF scanning system from XGLab is equipped with a compact measuring head composed by a high efficiency X-ray generator source with an Rh anode (50kV and 200µA) and by a large area Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) (50 mm2, energy resolution of 130eV at MnKα) which allows for fast and sensitive multi-elemental analysis. An integrated...

Contact person
Francesca Rosi