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Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis (ERDA)

In Atomki we apply the ERDA technique to measure the hydrogen content of materials. We are using this technique in vacuum. The lateral resolution is excellent, down to the micron range. The sample is irradiated with a He+ beam and the yield and energy of the recoiled hydrogen atoms is recorded. The hydrogen determination with ERDA method can be useful mostly for organic material investigation, water content analysation, or, for example, in stone consolidation research.

Fields of application

  • Cultural heritage

    archaeological object and site, architecture, art, decorative arts, film, manuscript, mosaics, musical instrument, painting, photo, sculpture, textile

  • Natural heritage

    mineral, shell, skeleton


  • inorganic

    glass, stone, metal, pigment

  • organic

    animal parts, binding media, glues, wood, paper, textiles, varnishes


Scanning Nuclear Microprobe

The Oxford type scanning nuclear microprobe is operated at one of the beamlines of our particle accelerator. The beam diameter is about 1-3 microns for the usual applications in vacuum. The microprobe is equipped with a 5-axis goniometer (X-Y-Z translations and two rotations, to move the sample into the required position), optical microscope, cameras and...

Contact person
Zita Szikszai