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Fourier Transform Infrared microimaging

FTIR microimaging is performed on cross sections of samples under FTIR microscope. The system is using Focal Plane Array Detector, which improves the quality of FTIR micro-images. At each pixel a FTIR spectrum can be extracted and materials presence can be identified from spectral features. Images of present components can be obtained by software manipulation. The system is highly useful for investigation of distribution of materials components in cross sections of samples, especially interesting for studying of complex organic binding media. However, also other heritage materials can be mapped.

Fields of application

  • Cultural heritage

    art, manuscript, musical instrument, painting, papyrus, sculpture, textile

  • Natural heritage

    botanic collection, fossil, mineral, shell, skeleton


  • inorganic

    ceramics, glass, dyes

  • organic

    binding media, glues, wood, paper, textiles, varnishes, dyes, synthetic organic pigments


Infrared microscope

Bruker HYPERION 3000, Infrared Microscope equipped with Focal Plane Array Detector System that allows high resolution micro-images and can be used in characterisation of cross-sections. The microscope is equipped also with a Grazing Angle Objective that allows very precise surface analyses as the penetration of IR light is only of a few nm, which is...