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Hyphenate LIBS/LIF/Raman

Pulsed laser used in such a multi-analytical prototype instrument is able to combine these three laser-based time resolved spectroscopic techniques to simultaneously provide complementary elemental and molecular analytical information from the same point analysis. The measurement can be taken at a distance of 15 cm and each analysis point is about 80 µm. LIBS diagnostic is a time resolved spectroscopy, fit for qualitative and quantitative analysis for all elements from the periodic table. In turn, as nondestructive analysis methods, LIF and Raman operated by pulsed laser are able to improve the ratio between Raman and fluorescence background signals ratio, and to open up the possibility to work in ambient light when extensive measurements and on-site decision-making are needed. In additions, the dimensions of mobile part can be reduced to about 35*45*20 cm3.

Fields of application

  • Cultural heritage

    archaeological object and site, architecture, art, decorative arts, demo anthropologic object, film, manuscript, mosaics, musical instrument, painting, photo, sculpture, textile


  • inorganic

    ceramic (clay/mud brick/terracotta/earthenware/stoneware/porcelain), glass, stone, metal and metallurgical By-Products

  • organic

    animal parts, binding media, glues, wood, paper, textiles, varnishes


Archive image

Pulse diode pump laser wavelength : 355 nm Range detection 200-990 nm (Ocean Optics resolution 0,21 nm) Czerny-Turner ICCD camera ( resolution0,06 nm).