IPERION HSIntegrating Platforms for the European Research Infrastructure ON Heritage Science
The IPERION HS catalogue is finally online!

After a long work, IPERION HS is glad to inform that the catalogue is finally online. The catalogue contains 150 services offered by 57 facilities: 14 scientific archives, 47 MOLAB analyses and 89 FIXLAB analyses.
The user can browse the catalogue in two ways: a guided tour for who is not familiar with the IPERION HS services and quick access for expert researchers.
Users can select filters as category, technique, instrument, country or search across the whole text of the catalogue.
IPERION HS will soon launch its first international access call.
Since now, have a look at the services for your research needs and if you have any questions, contact the User Helpdesk. In any case, contact the User Helpdesk before submitting a proposal.

Link to the catalogue: https://www.iperionhs.eu/access-to-facilities/