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The 8th HS Academy Lecture “X-ray imaging in cultural heritage: the past to the present” will be held online on April 20th 2023, at 3 pm (Rome time).

Lecture #08 is part of the “Current Topics in Heritage Science” series and will be delivered by Daniel O’Flynn on April 20th, at 3 pm (Rome time).

Daniel O’Flynn is an X-ray Imaging Scientist in the British Museum’s Department of Scientific Research, responsible for the operation of the large-scale X-radiography and CT facility housed beneath the Museum. This lecture is an introduction to the principles and current research directions of X-ray tomography, as well as its challenges from a heritage science perspective. Case studies will be presented showing applications of X-ray tomography on the collection of the British Museum.

Register here: https://www.iperionhs.eu/ctinhs_lecture-08/