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2020 celebrates the 500th anniversary of Raphael’s death

In recent decades, E-RIHS scientists have helped to preserve his masterpieces. Among others, Raffaella Fontana (CNR-INO, Italy) and Piotr Targowski (NCU, Poland) worked on them at different times.

The analysis of Raphael’s masterpieces shows the application of  instruments developed and improved by the E-RIHS community during different EU projects. The IR reflectography, and after the new IR multispectral reflectography, allowed to reveal features underlying the pictorial layer thanks to transparency characteristics of the materials which composed paintings, while the Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) helped to determine the thickness and number of layers of varnish and localised overpaintings.

Publications available at:
Piotr Targowski website – publications

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