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The opportunities of a global, shared research infrastructure for the conservation community
The video was originally aired at the ICOM-CC 19th Triennial Conference, Beijing, (virtual platform) 17-21 May 2021 as part of the 19th ICOM-CC Preprints presentations
New AGLAE Particle physics on prehistoric ivory

Ina Reiche talks about particle physics applied to prehistoric ivory. Non-invasive analysis of Paleolithic ivories at CNRS-France at New AGLAE.

Creating an Effective Collaborative research Environment

Learn about collaborative research in heritage science. A few foremost experts in the field and our E-RIHS training team guide you through the process.
Contributions by Nancy Bell, Cecilia Bembibre, Loïc Bertrand, Costanza Miliani, Polonca Ropret and Matija Strlic.