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LNEC organizes a new event to update what has been achieved in the field of heritage science

The global context of the current COVID-19 pandemic has determined the need to postpone the International Symposium CONSOLIDATION 2021 to 23 -25 March 2022 to maintain the conference as a physical event.

The motivation of this symposium is to gather researchers, practitioners and producers in a dedicated forum where this topic will be the exclusive subject for presentations and discussions. We aim, in this way, to go deeper into the subject giving the stage to experienced agents and to young newcomers into the field, discussing the past and recent experiences, and bringing new ideas and proposals for the future.

The event will also honour Dr José Delgado Rodrigues on his 50th year of activity as a researcher and consultant, during which he contributed in many ways to broaden the scientific and technical knowledge in the field of stone consolidation, which is, perhaps, the most complex and difficult subject in stone conservation, and the one in which more research efforts have been invested to solve the challenging problems of the daily conservation practice.

The Organising Committee invites all interested researchers, practitioners and producers to contribute with their research and technical knowledge.


  1. General aspects on stone decay as basic input to decide on consolidation options,
  2. Identification, characterisation and documentation of deterioration patterns,
  3. Laboratory research on consolidants,
  4. Selection of consolidation treatments. Criteria and decision-making approaches,
  5. Onsite input requirements to consolidation,
  6. Practical experiences on consolidation,
  7. Past and present drawbacks of stone consolidation,
  8. Monitoring of practical case studies,
  9. New approaches in stone consolidation. Future perspectives,
  10. Ethics, principles, guidelines, and other immaterial landmarks in stone consolidation,
  11. History of stone consolidation.

Proposals dealing with other topics within the wide scope of the proposed subject may be accepted. All accepted proposals will be published as Extended Abstracts in a hard copy volume. Authors wishing to publish full papers may submit them to be delivered in electronic format to all participants.
Potential participants are also invited to propose the organisation of special sessions on relevant topics, indicating the invited speakers to be involved in it.

Dates for registration will be announced later at http://consolidation2021.lnec.pt/registration.html

For further information please, visit http://consolidation2021.lnec.pt/index.html