IPERION HSIntegrating Platforms for the European Research Infrastructure ON Heritage Science

Joining the OpenAIRE platform is an important step toward making Heritage Science data open, findable, accessible and reliable. The IPERION HS team is glad to be partnering with OpenAIRE in enabling a cross-border exchange of knowledge in heritage science and in opening new opportunities for the next generations of heritage scientists. We are excited to work together with OpenAIRE on this important and challenging mission with global impact.

Luca Pezzati

Coordinator of IPERION HS

Introducing the IPERION HS Gateway: Unlock a World of Research Possibilities

We at IPERION HS are excited to announce the launch of our new gateway, https://iperionhs.openaire.eu/, recently developed using OpenAIRE CONNECT. Join us on this new platform to access an extensive collection of research materials and connect with the vibrant IPERION HS global community!

We are committed to fostering an environment of knowledge sharing and collaboration, and this gateway is a legacy for the entire heritage science community.

The gateway gives you access to all the IPERION HS research outputs and helps you push your research journey forward.

Get ready to discover and collaborate! Explore https://iperionhs.openaire.eu/ and unlock a world of possibilities!

IPERION HS gateway: https://iperionhs.openaire.eu/ 

OpenAIRE CONNECThttps://connect.openaire.eu/