IPERION HSIntegrating Platforms for the European Research Infrastructure ON Heritage Science
Save the date: Conference 7-8 February 2019
Title: New strategies for diagnostics of conservation treatments
Location: Amsterdam

Organized by The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and sponsored by IPERION CH, the conference on ‘New Diagnostic strategies for assessing the cleaning in conservation treatments’, will take place 7-8 February 2019 in Amsterdam. The conference is the result of IPERION CH activities in the work-package 7: ‘New strategies for the diagnostics of conservation treatment’. It will present the results obtained within the different working groups in this work-package.

It will be a one and a half day conference with parallel sessions on the cleaning of paintings, the coating of metal and the consolidation of stone. The case studies, techniques and general strategy will be presented. Pitches on OCT, MA-XRF, IRR and Micro-profilometry are already listed and more will follow. Also, invited speakers will give lectures on new methods of conservation used in practice.

The IPERION CH conference is open to everybody working or studying in the field of conservation, restoration, science and conservation science and interested in new strategies for diagnostics of cleaning.

Preliminary program and more information will follow in September 2018.