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The 1st HSAcademy Lecture “From model to painting: added values and limitations of model-based research” will be held online, on September 15, 2022, at 3 pm CEST.

Working with reconstructions and model systems is an integral part of heritage science practice. However, how can we best use these systems to increase our knowledge of our cultural heritage? What are the added values, limitations and critical aspects of this type of research? In the lecture, this topic and these points will be discussed by means of oil painting research. Oil paintings are highly complex, heterogeneous systems that are constantly changing in the course of their existence. Given the complexity of the material, a well-designed model system is of utmost importance in order to obtain useful and valuable information from it. But also asking the proper research question is important in the design of the model system. The oil research field has different types of reconstructions and model systems, but also different ways of applying them. Which steps to take and choices to make will be illustrated in the lecture by means of oil chemistry and various illustrative examples.

The lecture will be delivered by Katrien Keune, PhD, chemist, is head of Science at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and professor by special appointment of Molecular Spectroscopy at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. She is specialized in chemical processes in heterogenous complex paint materials.

Registration at: https://www.iperionhs.eu/lecture-1-2022/