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The conference, postponed due to the pandemic, will be be finally held in Florence

LACONA “Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks is the International Conference on advances in photonic techniques for diagnostics and conservation-restoration of cultural heritage.
Since 1995, LACONA has gathered together researchers, conservators, and restorers from public institutions and private enterprises for discussing novel approaches in non-invasive material characterization, conservation treatments, and monitoring based on photon sources and sensors.

The topics of the Conference focus on innovation in dedicated spectroscopic, imaging, and laser treatment systems and on their optimized application over the whole range of the conservation themes of tangible heritage.
LACONA XIII, which will be held in Florence, on September 12-16 2022, aims at strengthening and enriching the tradition of the Conference by encouraging the submission of contributions on the most advanced photonic tools and methods, their rigorous validation, and exemplary applications in safeguarding cultural heritage.

Researchers, technologists, conservators and restorers are warmly invited to submit their abstracts on photonic techniques for diagnostics, restoration-conservation and related best practices.

Deadline for submission: April 20. 2022

For more information, registration, and submission: www.lacona13.eu