IPERION HSIntegrating Platforms for the European Research Infrastructure ON Heritage Science

The Current Topics in Heritage Science” (CTinHS) lectures are organized by the emerging professionals of HS Academy, a collaborative initiative between IPERION HS and E-RIHS. The two European projects integrate facilities of recognized excellence in Heritage Science, offering access to a wide range of high-level scientific instruments, methodologies, data, tools, and training opportunities for advancing knowledge and innovation in the field.

Mathieu Duval will deliver the 9th lecture (the last of the 2nd edition) on June 27th, 2024. The topic of his talk is “The illusion of non-destructive analysis in Palaeoanthropology. To what extent high resolution mCT-scanning of hominin fossil remains may impact ESR and Radiocarbon dating results?”

The speaker is a senior scientist at CENIEH, Spain, specialised in Quaternary Geochronology. He will show how the systematic mCT scanning of human fossils should not be regarded as a non-destructive technique, but may instead significantly impact fossil preservation and associated dating results.

Learn more and register here: www.iperionhs.eu/lecture-9-2023-24