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2-day international conference: 13-14 June, 2019 –  Copenhagen, Denmark

Organized by CATS in Copenhagen, the overall focus of the conference will be on issues related to mapping artists’ usage of coloured ground layers in paintings in the period 1550-1700. Themes for presentations may address:

– Cultural exchange and the influence on the colour of the ground

– Trends & geography: material choices for ground layers related to artists’ mobility

– Network studies: travelling artists, trade and material availability

– Perception (past and present) of art works related to ground colour

– New tools and methods for investigating and understanding the impact of the colour of the ground

– Databases for storing and sharing data related to research into ground layers

Contributions from a diverse range of fields are welcome, including technical art history, art history, conservation and science, as well as proposals (papers and posters) from students and early-career researchers.

Please, submit a preliminary title, abstract (max 500 words) and biography (max 100 words) for oral and/or poster presentation tocats.conference@smk.dk for consideration by the Scientific Committee. The oral conference presentations will be considered for the peer-reviewed CATS Proceedings to be published in collaboration with Archetype Publications Ltd. in spring 2020.

Deadline for abstract submission is February 18, 2019.

For any enquiries please contact CATS at cats-cons@smk.dk. The conference will be held in English. Conference information will be made available here: www.cats-cons.dk/mocma-conference/
The conference is generously supported by the Independent Research Fund Denmark.

More about the Mobility Creates Masters (MoCMa) research network: www.cats-cons.dk/projects/current/mocma-mobility-creates-masters/

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