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European Institute for the non-destructive photon-based analysis of ancient materials - IPANEMA


IPANEMA (‘European Institute for the non-destructive photon-based analysis of ancient materials’) is a research platform entirely devoted to the study of cultural heritage samples and objects. It is a centre for the development of advanced methodologies of material characterization in cultural heritage, archaeology, and paleontology, and to support synchrotron research through external users hosted on the platform. To this aim, IPANEMA develops and provides a set of techniques for preparing specimens, to study artifacts and samples, and statistically analyze collected datasets. In order to support the research carried out on ancient materials, IPANEMA facilitates the access of users to synchrotron beamlines at SOLEIL and at other European synchrotrons, by supporting contacts with beamline teams, co-preparing research proposals, providing technical support (adapted sample environment, support to sample preparation, complementary analyses, data processing). The IPANEMA team is also developing PUMA, a hard X-ray imaging beamline optimised for ancient materials (to start in 2016). The IPANEMA building complies with museum standards for the conservation of ancient and historical artefacts. IPANEMA also informs and trains users, as well as participate to dissemination activities. This new platform is so far unique at the international level and has open up gradually since 2013. IPANEMA therefore contributes to bridging the gap between synchrotron techniques and the cultural heritage community, interconnecting specialists and fostering technological transfer from the large-scale facility to the conservation laboratories. IPANEMA is a joint CNRS – Ministry of Culture and Communication laboratory (USR 3461), adjacent to the SOLEIL synchrotron facility.

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