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With over 400 years of history, the University of Malta (UOM), is the leading and most prestigious higher education institution in Malta. UOM is committed to high standards of research and teaching in the arts, sciences and the humanities in the context of the country’s social, economic and cultural development well-being. The University seeks to carry out academic research and provide a vibrant higher education setting. The courses at UOM are designed to produce highly-qualified professionals in multiple disciplines. The UOM alumni community is growing exponentially: well over 3,500 students graduate in various disciplines annually and about twelve per cent of the student population is international. At UOM research projects address current local needs and opportunities, as well as those that may affect the country in the future, always with an international outlook. This is done in conjunction with Government and private industry, and also by participating in EU research programmes and funding. An important part of the University of Malta’s research agenda is embedded in Cultural Heritage, and Heritage Science, which are of great importance also ecomically to the country, as Malta has a large number of important heritage assets which require study, research and care. And this in close collaboration with Government and private heritage entities. Various University of Malta Departments, and especially the Department of Conservation and Built Heritage (Faculty for the Built Environment) have been upgrading their staff complement, their teaching, research, and consquently infrastructure, to participate in ever-more wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary and prestigeous hands-on conservation and research projects. This Department also works in close collaboration with other University of Malta Departments, in particular those of Chemistry, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Art and History of Art, and Classics and Archaeology, to deliver teaching and research in Heritage Science.

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