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Wigner Research Centre for Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (BNC-WIGNER)


In the IPERION CH project BNC (Budapest Neutron Center) is represented by the Wigner Research Centre for Physics-Wigner (also on behalf of the Centre for Energy Research-EK). BNC‐WIGNER offers access to neutron techniques of the 10 MW Budapest Research Reactor (BRR). The last major upgrade of the Reactor was performed in 1992. The license to operate the Reactor is valid until 2023. For the utilisation of BRR, the Budapest Neutron Centre consortium was established by individual laboratories of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1992. Currently BNC offers open access to 15 neutron experimental stations; the instrument development programme is continued, modernisation of instruments and commissioning of new devices is in progress. The reactor is operated ~120 days per year. BNC governance is advised by an International Scientific Advisory Council; experimental proposals are evaluated by an international expert panel. BNC has been involved in various IAEA technical and EU FP projects (NMI3, CHARISMA etc.) The BNC member institutes (EK and Wigner) have been classified by the European Commission as “Centre of Excellence”.


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László Rosta


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