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National Laboratory for Civil Engineering

LNEC's mission is to undertake, coordinate and promote scientific research and technological development, aiming to the continuous improvement and the good practice of Civil Engineering. It is also LNECŐs responsibility to pursue the public interest, by providing services of Science and Technology to public and private, national and foreign entities, contributing to innovation, dissemination of Knowledge and technology transfer. It is also LNECŐs mission to assist the Government in the pursuit of public policies, and to provide technical support to the entities that constitute the Authority in the various sectors of Public Administration, in particular with regard to: Quality and safety of works, persons and assets; Protection and requalification of the natural and built heritage; and Modernisation and technological innovation, particularly in the building sector. Since its early days, LNEC has been establishing networks and partnerships with national and international entities, giving it the ability to promote and foster the globalization of Science and Knowledge, positioning LNEC as an important partner in its area of expertise.