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Art Diagnosis Center

The Art Diagnosis Center of “ORMYLIA” Foundation has a long experience in both national and transnational access since it has participated in the documentation of various works at different places in Greece for a variety of kind of objects as far as their material of constitution, technology of creation and geometry is concerned as well as in Cyprus, Egypt, etc.The iTomography infrastructure based in ADC consists of a fully integrated system and mobilized system that utilizes various non-destructive techniques towards the tomographic imaging and accurate characterization of cultural heritage objects of all the materials, including pigments, varnishes and metals. The equipment of the iTomography system includes FTIR & μFTIR - Raman & μRaman - UV/VIS/nIR spectrophotometers, XRF module, IR imaging at a spectral range from 1-5μm, UV fluorescence imaging and high-resolution acoustic microscopy module. All the modalities are effectively and easily on the field integrated on a robotic mechanical arm of 5 degrees of freedom (X,Y,Z,Θ and Φ) and micrometric accuracy that enable in situ measurements at precise regions of interest. The latter is facilitating the acquisition of high-resolution hyperspectral mapping images from all the modalities. As a result, a unique vision towards the complete documentation of cultural heritage objects can be achieved through the fusion of all the modalities. The basic innovative contents besides other used in situ of the system include: In situ acoustic microscopy module up to 250 MHz that correspond to tomographic and spatial resolution of a few microns; In situ dual-Raman spectrometer of 785 nm and 1064 nm, enhancing the material identification through the spectra combination; Development of advanced processing techniques like Hyperspectral spectroscopic mapping tomography using in situ FTIR scanning, Thickness evaluation in situ using both ultrasonic μTomography, macroTomography and IR spectroscopy, Time-ageing propagation using spatiotemporal simulation based on the in situ iTomography data acquisition, iTomography multidata fusion for conventional organic and inorganic material characterization.