IPERION HSIntegrating Platforms for the European Research Infrastructure ON Heritage Science
Due to to the COVID emergency, the congress will be held online

The congress, organized by the Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute (IPCE),  will focus on:
• The establishment of an adequate diagnosis of the state of conservation and alterations, as well as the intervention methods and solutions to be adopted
• The collaboration and interdisciplinarity for the better knowledge of artistic techniques, manufacturing technologies, composition, differentiation between originals and additions, as well as     all those data that increase the historical and artistic knowledge of the asset
•  The discussion of methods and planning of preventive conservation procedures
• Suggesting  or discouraging methods or materials that are the product of the research work of the laboratories
• The technological innovation applied to conservation and restoration of cultural heritage

The main language will be Spanish but some conferences are planned in English.

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Programme (in Spanish)