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A Scientist for technical examination of paintings in the National Gallery collection

The National Gallery seeks to recruit a highly motivated individual to join the Scientific Department to undertake technical examination of paintings in the National Gallery collection to provide interpreted and documented data in support of conservation work and to inform collections care, and other technical research including work for the scholarly cataloguing, exhibition programmes and for public engagement activities. 

The job holder will: 
– be an experienced specialist in the field of technical examination of paintings and will conduct analytical research on the Collection, specifically the examination and identification of the materials in easel paintings and investigation of their ageing and deterioration, through analysis of paint micro-samples using a range of scientific techniques, as well as the non-invasive methods available at the National Gallery. 
– provide expert advice to conservators based on interpretation of these results within a broad knowledge of the chemical composition and history of use of painting materials, to enable evidence-based decisions during cleaning and restoration. 
– initiate and carry out historical technical research to advance knowledge on the collection, pursuing independent research projects developing materials studies relating to paintings.  
– represent the National Gallery as an expert in the scientific analysis of works of art, including publishing and presenting research outcomes internally and externally to a variety of audiences at a national and international level. 

Suitable candidates will have a first degree in an appropriate scientific field and a postgraduate degree in a relevant subject, or equivalent experience. In addition, you must have experience in a range of appropriate analytical techniques, and a strong knowledge of the materials of paintings coupled with a record of research in this field or another closely relevant field. The successful candidate must have excellent analytical, organisational and problem-solving skills, good attention to detail, and a high level of dexterity. You must have a high level of initiative and self-motivation but also the ability to work effectively in interdisciplinary teams and to communicate with, and interpret analytical findings for non-scientists/non-specialists. 

The job holder will be a member of the Scientific Department and will work particularly closely with other members of this team but will also maintain regular contact with colleagues in the Conservation and Curatorial Departments, with whom joint research work is undertaken. During the course of the appointment, the jobholder may also have contact with a number of other departments across the organisation both for collection care matters and for public engagement activities. 

For more details about the position  and how to apply please see: https://nationalgalleryjobs.ciphr-irecruit.com/templates/CIPHR/jobdetail_1561.aspx