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Focus on the preventive conservation of mural paintings and stone artefacts

One of the Royal Danish Academy’s six institutes, the Institute of Conservation is a unique environment for natural science teaching and research.
The permanent full-time position of assistant professor/associate professor specialising in the conservation of mural paintings and stone will consist of research, teaching and administrative work.

Duties will include:

• Planning teaching activities and the associated administration
• Student supervision, examinations and external examining work
• Research, including publishing and presenting scientific results in the position’s focus area, in collaboration with external institutions, companies and networks nationally and internationally, as well as with the other research areas at the institute and at the Royal Danish Academy as a whole.
• Visionary and productive teamwork in future research and development projects, including actively applying for external funding and fund-raising for the institute’s activities
• Participation in several Royal Danish Academy committees
• Participation in international academic forums.
As an associate professor, you will also be required to conduct academic assessment duties.
Your research and teaching will focus on the following areas:
• Conservation of mural paintings. Your focus will be on the entire spectrum of painting and decoration forms on indoor and outdoor walls – from mediaeval frescoes and 19th-century
fresco/secco paintings on lime plaster to modern oil/acrylic paintings on plaster.
• Conservation of stone. Your focus will be on all types of stone comprised of objects of cultural and natural heritage (painted or not), such as stone monuments, sculptures, building ornamentations, memorials and fossils.
• Preventive conservation. Your focus will be on the climate and environmental impact on objects of cultural and natural heritage in general and mural paintings and stone in particular.
Teaching and supervision will be carried out at both bachelor’s and master’s levels in connection with the programmes and interdisciplinary teaching. If appointed to the position of associate
professor, you will also teach and supervise PhD level students.
In addition, you will be expected to take part in interdisciplinary teaching and research partnerships with the Academy’s other institutes.

For further information and how to apply, please, visit https://candidate.hr-manager.net/ApplicationInit.aspx?cid=5001&ProjectId=160589&DepartmentId=7810&MediaId=5

The deadline for applications is on October 27, 2022