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PhD studentship in multimodal imaging of artwork

The UCL Institute of Sustainable Heritage (UCL ISH) at the Bartlett School of Energy, Environment and Resources (BSEER) invites applications for a fully-funded PhD studentship.

The aim of the project is to design, build, test and use a combined hyperspectral, Raman and X-ray fluorescence scanning system for heritage imaging. The project will also require the development of bespoke analysis methods for combining these images and processing them to generate images of chemical composition.
Particular avenues of exploration could include:

  • Aligning and registering images taken of the same object on different systems
  • Determining safe exposure limits for optical and X-ray radiation on heritage objects
  • Developing mathematical methods to inform the object’s composition by generating images of derived properties of interest to conservators, historians, archivists etc (including chemical composition, acidity, degree of polymerisation, stress and strain).
  • Developing workflows for effective imaging of real historical samples from ISH’s extensive reference collection and elsewhere.

Application deadline: 09.00 am (BST), Tuesday 8 June 2021. Interviews will be held online on 21 June 2021

HERE you can find further information about requirements and how to apply