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Technique: Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy (RBS)

Scanning Nuclear Microprobe

The Oxford type scanning nuclear microprobe is operated at one of the beamlines of our particle accelerator. The beam diameter is about 1-3 microns for the usual applications in vacuum. The microprobe is equipped with a 5-axis goniometer (X-Y-Z translations and two rotations, to move the sample into the required position), optical microscope, cameras and several radiation (X-rays, gamma-rays) and particle detectors,providing multi-elemental analysisal also on trace element level. For larger or vacuum-sensitive samples, the beam is extracted through a thin window. In this case the beamsize is about a few tens of microns. The beam is scanned on the sample which gives the mapping ability, both in vacuum and in air. The maximum scan size is about 2mm x 2mm.

Potential Results

Quantitative elemental composition and distributions, and depth profile on microscopic scale. Concentration data, elemental maps; in specific cases also layer thickness.