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Technique: High resolution digital microscopy

Digital microscope 3D Hirox RH-2000

The digital microscope 3D Hirox RH-2000 is equipped with a 2.38 Mega-pixel CMOS Sensor, a motorized stage (maximum scanned area 50x50 cm2) witha Z-resolution of 0.05µm and a X and Y resolution of 0.04µm. It is equipped with a microscope with magnification ranging from 35x to 2500x and a dedicated software for the elaboration of the images. It can works in reflected and ranking light, as well as in both light and dark field and with polarized light.

Potential Results

A high resolution image of any sample can be achieved at varying magnification obtaining a detailed description of the oberved surface. It offers accurate and calibrated measurements like length, area, angle and diameter. Surface roughness, profiling 3D dysplaying, volume and area measurements can be determined of any sample surfaces.