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Technique: Micro-Raman (ℷexc 532 nm)

Jasco portable micro-Raman

The Jasco portable micro-Raman is equipped with a Nd:YAG laser source emitting at 532 nm. The system is equipped with a CCD ANDOR detector maintained at −50° C with a Peltier cooler. The use of optical fibres, Olympus objectives (50x or 20x), suitable notch filters and a CCD camera which permits the image of the irradiated sample to be visualised. The spatial resolution of this system is 100 μm (20x objective) with a spectral resolution of about 10 cm-1. The probehead is very small (15x5x7cm3) is mounted on a dedicated support that can be positioned on a table in front of the sample surface at few mm. Measurments have to be carried out in the dark.

Potential Results

The technique equipped with the high energetic laser line (at 532 nm) is expecially suited for studing corrosion products, minerals, gems, glasses and ceramics, for these two latter it provides information on both inorganic crystalline and amorphous phases answering issues linked to composition, techniques and alterations. It is suitable also for the identification of the most commong bronze corrosion products.