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HS Academy Webinar 07/2022: EU Open Method of Coordination group – Climate change and cultural heritage

The webinars are organized by the HS Academy, a collaborative initiative between IPERION HS (www.iperionhs.eu) and E-RIHS (www.e-rihs.eu). The two European projects integrate facilities of recognized excellence in Heritage Science, offering access to a wide range of high-level scientific instruments, methodologies, data, tools and training opportunities for advancing knowledge and innovation in the field.

This webinar will face the challenges of climate change and cultural heritage.​ Johanna Leissner will present the results of the European OMC (Open Method for Coordination) expert group on climate change and cultural heritage, focussing on the role of research as a necessary driver for implementation.


September 13th, 2022 at 3 pm (Rome time zone)

You will learn

  • climate change and cultural heritage: the EU strategy
  • the work carried out by the European OMC expert group on climate change and cultural heritage

Key topics we’ll cover

  • European strategies to face climate change in the field of cultural heritage

45 minutes (30 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A)


Johanna Leissner is a chemist, working for over 20 years in cultural heritage research with a focus on environmental pollution and climate change impacts on heritage. She is currently the coordinator of the German KERES project on the impacts of extreme climate events on built heritage and historic gardens and landscapes. She is the Chair of the EU OMC (Open Method for Coordination) expert group on Climate change and cultural heritage.


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