IPERION HSIntegrating Platforms for the European Research Infrastructure ON Heritage Science

More than fifteen years of experience in the provision of access, in joint research and networking are the bases, on which IPERION CH partners are building the future of serving research in heritage science. The core mission of the project, providing transnational access to an integrated set of European cutting-edge laboratories and knowledge, is pursued by periodic calls offering services to heritage science researchers. Three access platforms are open to IPERION CH users:

ARCHLAB: comprising archives of knowledge and technical data accumulated since the past and preserved at the most prestigious European museums and conservation research institutes;
FIXLAB: multi-instrument platforms where large-scale facilities are coupled with medium-scale installations;
MOLAB: advanced mobile analytical instrumentations for in-situ non-invasive measurements.
The three platforms represent a unique resource for heritage scientists: in its first 18 months IPERION CH served 281 days of access.

The second core mission of the project is contributing to the establishment of the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science, E-RIHS. The success of the proposal for granting the access of E-RIHS to the ESFRI Roadmap 2016, whose planning and preparation were largely supported by the IPERION CH partnership, is a milestone for the whole research community and the demonstration that the mission devised in 2013 was not just a dream but a real necessity, strategic for the sustainable development of Europe and its heritage science research area.

Now IPERION CH, together with the wider E-RIHS community, is supporting the new vision brought by heritage science, a trans-disciplinary scientific domain founded on the combination of knowledge from arts, humanities, science and technology, with the capacities to provide a holistic approach to cultural and natural heritage preservation, documentation, interpretation and management.

IPERION CH is also supporting, through its international activities and liaisons, the growth of the E-RIHS initiative beyond the borders of Europe, towards the creation of a global distributed research infrastructure for heritage science.

Finally, don’t miss the training initiatives of IPERION CH: training camps, doctoral schools and workshops. At the training camps, students and researchers have the chance to experience hands-on the functioning of the MOLAB platform instruments and to connect with researchers and professionals coming from all Europe. Yearly, doctoral schools give theoretical and technical insight on the latest tools and techniques available in IPERION CH and the results achieved through research and access projects, given by acknowledged international experts in the field.

IPERION CH has promoted 4 calls for Transnational Access, 2 Training Camps and 2 Doctoral Summer Schools. More will soon come…