IPERION HSIntegrating Platforms for the European Research Infrastructure ON Heritage Science

Within ARCHLAB, KIK-IRPA is offering access related to the following types of objects: paintings, historic interiors, mural paintings, textiles, metals, glass, leather, paper, stone sculpture, wood sculpture, monuments and modern materials.

Main language(s) used in the records/reporting are French and Dutch.

Following records/reports/data(base) are available:

  • Photographic records
  • Scientific imagery records, in the form of X-radiographic images and IR-reflectographic images
  • Records/reports on analytical/material-technical/dating analyses
  • Records/reports on conservation treatments
  • Records/reports on art historical research
  • Records/reports on archaeological research
  • Chromatographic and spectral analytical data (such as SEM-EDX, Raman, FTIR, XRF, XRD, …)
  • Historical archive
  • Access to reference samples for further analyses within ARCHLAB requires the permission of the responsible involved


 Website: http://www.kikirpa.be/EN/

Contact person
Name: Hilde De Clercq
Email: hilde.declercq@kikirpa.be