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The Prado Museum will contribute to the ARCHLAB platform by offering access to various types of data held by the Museum/Department:

On line gallery available from the PRADO web page. Access online to approximately 3000 works of the Museum’s collection. This data base will be enlarged until it holds the complete collection. The Advanced Search engine facilitates consultation, using categories such as artist, title of work, subject, chronology and reference number

PRADO central curatorial database (SAC) contain records for more than 18000 objects. ARCHLAB access will be to the internal version of the database until now only available to museum staff.

The Historical Archive of the Museo Nacional del Prado that contains the documentation generated by the various departments of the Museum since its foundation in the first third of the 19th century up to the present day. A portion of the Archive has been computerized up to the level of individual files and can be consulted in the Prado’s Research Centre on the Reading Room terminals. The Archive can be consulted by all researchers interested in the Museum’s collections and in line with the prevailing legislation. Right of access includes the option to obtain copies of documents if authorized by the Museum’s technical staff.

The Conservation data base includes different kinds of information: restoration reports including historical procedures, technical images (X- radiographs, infrared reflectographies, high resolution visible photographs etc…) and laboratory reports (cross sections images and analytical data from original or added materials using FTIR –ATR; optical microscopy; GC-MS; HPLC – PDA, RID, FD; SEM – EDX; XRF). This technical information is currently available on request directly to the Conservation Department with authorization.

The access will not be granted to two important categories of records held by the Department:

  • Data relating to the examination or analysis of objects not in the Prado collections
  • Data in the course of publication


Website: www.museodelprado.es

Contact person
Name: Maria Dolores Gayo Garcia
Email: dolores.gayo@museodelprado.es