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Laboratory of Geophysical Satellite Remote Sensing & Archaeoenvironment

Since 1996, the Laboratory of Geophysical - Satellite Remote Sensing & Archaeo-environment of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies (I.M.S.) / Foundation of Research & Technology (F.O.R.T.H.) has been active in the areas of Geophysical Prospection, Satellite Remote Sensing, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), 3D Reconstructions & VR and Archaeo-environment. The Laboratory employs the most modern techniques for accurate field measurements and has a technical support (hardware and software) that meets the needs of processing, analyzing and mapping geophysical and satellite data. It has more than 50 collaborations with universities and research institutes from Greece and abroad (Australia, Belgium, France, Italy, U.S.A., China, Cyprus, Sweden, Island, Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria, a.o).