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The 2nd HSAcademy Lecture “Principles of holographic interferometry for non-destructive subsurface examination” will be held online, on October 20th 2022, at 3 pm (Rome time).

Register here: www.iperionhs.eu/lecture-2-2022/ 

Lecture #02 of the series “Current Topics in Heritage Science” is focused on the basic principles and prominent applications of Holographic Interferometry in non-destructive examination of movable and immovable heritage objects. The invited speaker Dr. Vivi Tornari will illustrate the fundamental aspects of the theory and will also present the working principle of the remote access portable custom designed scientific instrument – Digital Holographic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (DHSPI). Some recent real case applications will be shown to illustrate the current advancements and limitations, as well as future potentials of the methodology. The lecture is a lifelong learning opportunity and is open to both experienced and emerging professionals, experts in the field as well as students, colleagues, researchers and practitioners.

The lecture will be delivered by Vivi Tornari, PhD, Senior Specialized Scientist, Head of the Holography Laboratory of Laser Applications at the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser of the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (Crete, Greece). She is a senior expert in Optics/Holography/Interferometry and Optical system development, founder of Applied Holographic Metrology for Cultural Heritage and creator of DHSPI-Digital Holographic Speckle Pattern Interferometry portable system. She authored and coordinated major European scientific projects. 1996-2012 Tutor in Modern Optics and Applications, designed course for department of Physics, University of Crete; 2018 – today Visiting Professor at Shanghai university, department of Mechatronics and Automation.

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